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Classes for Everyone

With over 100 classes offered, there is literally something for everyone. The Summit will offer classes that are relative to your industry tracks such as Education, Government, and Private Sector. Each class is taught by one of our TimeClock Plus experts and you will have the opportunity to earn Recertification Credit Hours if you have an FPC or CFP Certification.

One-On-One Training

Work one-on-one with our experts to ensure you are getting the most out of your software. Allow them to show you step by step how to configure employee labor, strengthen your hardware and software knowledge, and more. Register fast! These slots will be given priority based upon when you register.

Advanced Workshops

Workshops will consist of 2-hours of instruction and lab time with our experts and cover topics such as payroll processing, reporting, company setup, advanced scheduling, and more! Full Summit Registration passes include advanced workshops, or you can purchase an advanced workshop pass separately to attend just a single full day of workshops.

We are the Time and Attendance Experts

For more than 30 years, TimeClock Plus has delivered best-in-class technology solutions, and we have fine-tuned our services to provide the most personalized experience in our industry. We have helped thousands of organizations like yours meet their complex timekeeping, employee scheduling, leave management, and other workforce needs.

Since 2004 we've held the TimeClock Plus National Summit and many of our attendees return year after year and say they have learned something new every time they come.

TimeClock Plus Summit Classrooms
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Attending the TimeClock Plus National Summit is the single best thing you can do to strengthen your TimeClock Plus administration skills.


You'll discover and learn to implement ideas that improve your employee tracking and sharpen your own professionalism.


Sessions and networking will open your mind to innovative solutions, preparing you and your organization for dynamic achievements in the years to come.


The TimeClock Plus National Summit includes pre-conference workshops, two full days of training, networking, and entertainment from your TimeClock Plus team.

A Better Sense of


It's our commitment to delivering the very best and most innovative workforce management solutions to our customers.



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