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Allison Graham

Keynote Speaker

TimeClock Plus is excited to bring Allison Graham as our 2020 National Summit keynote speaker. She will be discussing the best ways to minimize stress and maximize productivity by getting solution-focused faster with daily resilience. After this keynote presentation, attendees should expect better performance, stronger mental health, and increased confidence when dealing with change, challenge, and a never-ending task list.

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Allison Graham

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Attending the TimeClock Plus National Summit is the single best thing you can do to strengthen your TimeClock Plus administration skills.


You'll discover and learn to implement ideas that improve your employee tracking and sharpen your own professionalism.


Sessions and networking will open your mind to innovative solutions, preparing you and your organization for dynamic achievements in the years to come.


The TimeClock Plus National Summit includes pre-conference workshops, two full days of training, networking, and entertainment from your TimeClock Plus team.

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At the TimeClock Plus National Summit, collaborate with others from your industry, hear new ideas, and become inspired by fellow attendees who share your challenges and concerns.



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